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Sincerely,  Lola Ramirez & Jose Quintero


Our menu is very diverse and unique. We like to keep our food traditional and authentic. We offer something that no one else does, Mariscos!  Mexican seafood from ceviche tostadas, shrimp cocktails to even our most popular item fish tacos.


Although seafood is our specialty we have expanded our menu to add carne asada and grilled chicken. Still keeping our same motto providing them with good authentic food.  We’ve added burritos and quesadillas and our newest item to the list tortas and nachos. All this good food, with our same mission, good authentic food.


We have been doing fairs for over ten years. It is our belief that it is important to keep our clients happy and in the long run what keeps people coming to fair in the years to come. One of the biggest rewards we receive is when customers ask us where they can try our food again and we tell them only at the fair. Once again thank you for taking them time to read over the information I have sent and look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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